Murtfeldt Custom Product Turners Press Release


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Tamagawa TBL-iIV AC Servo Motors Press Release

Tamagawa TBL-iIV AC Servo Motors Press Release

NEW Nikki Denso * Linear, Direct Drive and Curved (Servo Compass) Motors


Nikki Denso Direct Drive Servo 2

  • High Performance / High Precision Motors
  • Direct Drive Motors, Linear Motors & Servo Compass, Curved Linear Motors, Cylinder Type High Torque Direct Drive Motors
  • Servo Controllers available for all motors for use in Industrial Machines and Factory Automation

For More information on each product line please see:

Product catalogs

Nikki Denso Direct Drive Servo Motor Catalog

Nikki Denso Linear Motor Catalog

Nikki Denso Servo Compass Motor Catalog

User Manuals

tLinear servo motor NVA series instruction manual

tLinear servo motor NLD series instruction manual

tLinear stage(NST Series) instruction manual

Round type linear motor Servo compass instruction manual



NEW Prospine Magnetic Couplings * Non-contact power transmission components


  • Magnetic Gears and Couplings solve the inherent failure modes found in typical contact components
  • Eliminates Component Failure due to vibration, wear, heat generation and lack of lubrication
  • Magnetic design allows for power transmission through walls
  • Torque limiter functionality
  • Easy assembly and Disassembly
  • Large Tolerances fro axial misalignment and eccentricity
Prospine Magnetic Coupling Catalog


 Prospine Magnetic Coupling


NEW Tamagawa High Performance IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)

AU7554 and AU7595

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IMU AU7554

Tamagawa Tri-Axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) Applications

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NEW Tamagawa 23 bit Encoders

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See Encoder page for full specification sheet and download

Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder

23bit Encoder Multi-turn

Single-Turn Absolute Encoder

23bit Encoder Single-turn


Engine Timing Systems

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DID Engine Timing Chain For website P.1DID Engine Timing Chain P.2




Turn-key Design to Production Capabilities


  • EV Inverter Boost Inductor
  • Steering Lock
  • High Beam/Low beam Switching
  • EV Charger Lock
  • Steering Position (On/Off) Detection
  • Air Conditioning Valve

Mold Coil Round Wire Comparison


power inductor